For anyone who has bad anxiety and have bad panic attacks,


My therapist told me a way to help it. It’s called “grounding” or some people like to call it “mindfulness”.

Here’s what to do in the middle of the panic/anxiety attack:

1) Touch 5 things or objects

2) Next, find 4 different things to look at

3) Then, try to hear 3 different sounds

4) Smell 2…

“I want all my secrets back”

six word story (via iamnamelessgem)


this is my favorite video of the year so far


Signal boost


i hope they ran into an 18 wheeler




its really important for men to stand up to other men who say terrible and sexist shit

because sexist men dont listen to what women have to say

literally the most important thing men can do if they want to call themselves feminist allies 

Love your sisters.




There are moments when I’m exactly where I want to be.
There are days, like today, when I’m just as happy as I always thought I could.

People keep asking what I do for a living and I keep answering that I don’t believe in making a living. That it’s a concept that has been twisted. I tell them…

Circles | All Time Low

Unanswered questions
Would be the only thing to stop them now
He was the poet, while she was the muse
She had a pen that she knew how to use
A touch of redemption, a hint of elation
A recipe for disaster

Go back to the place we knew before
Retrace our steps to the basement door
I’ll ask you if the rain still makes you smile
Like so much time that we spent in the fall
Put color in our cheeks while the air turned cold
Preceding what became our bitter end

Let this be a lesson to us all



The power of Cosplay




I was analyzing music for class tomorrow when THIS happened…




Jeremy Hush

His work is haunting and beautiful, wild and chaotic, dark and saturated, but entirely unique. Clearly influenced to some extent by the linear styles of 19th century prints and drawings, his work combines this suggestion to a historical aesthetic precedent with a contemporary inflection in content. Hush’s pieces feel like Grimm fairy tales, in the most visceral way possible prior to any of the sanitizing forces of Disney. They convey the solemnity of the ancient, and the guttural impulses of the nightmare. They are raw, they are meticulous, they are clearly symbolic. The work feels allegorical in its dense allusion to nature and associative metaphor. The artist uses found materials to execute much of the work, everything from ball point pens, collected in the course of his itinerant travels, to coffee used for pigment, to inky fingerprints for crosshatching. The works sophistication belies the raw immediacy of their provenance. Txt Via Thinkspace Gallery

Jeremy Hush’s work will be featured in the Thinkspace project gallery. This artist draws from a wealth of sources and influences. An avid world traveller, and a recognized initiate of the heavy metal and punk scenes, Hush has been creating work for zines and bands for years. Over the past few years he has been increasing his focus on his practice and exhibiting his art more extensively.


On Tuesday, a bonsai tree boldly went where no bonsai tree has gone before.

Azuma Makoto, a 38-year-old artist based in Tokyo, launched two botanical arrangements into orbit: “Shiki 1,” a Japanese white pine bonsai tree suspended from a metal frame, and an untitled arrangement of orchids, lilies, hydrangeas, and irises.

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